Sunday 1 July 2012

Postcard 8: Stories from an Irish Bay

Postcard 8 

Leading to the past; leading to the future

(work in progress...)

Stories from an Irish Bay

The Bay
Mirror boats on glittering tide 
jagged staithes on long sea-legs
fluttering in the shining water

Bay goes back to sea war status -
Spaniard does for English sea lord
Punching ship with high-placed cannon 

Further on to hungry people
boats in pawn, nets laid down
starving families eating seaweed

First the green upon the tide
then resort to slimy sea stuff
not unlike the bad potato

Then tipped into early graves -
clap -board coffins, open-ended
used and re-used many times

Setting out on crowded vessels
for a far and foreign country -
even to a Texas homeland

Here a woman out of Texas -
face a map of life well lived -
happy now to fly her Cessna
in the skies

Inspired by : 
Me - Just Sitting by the Bay
John Minihan's Cork Introduced by William Trevor
    The Irish Country House Peter Somerville Large
  The Coast of West Cork Peter Somerville Large

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