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As you will see from the titles below I’ve been a very busy girl in my writing life.  
      This page might show you, each of my novels has been a new adventure. You’ll see I’ve not settled for repetitious new takes on Cinderella, Snow White and Rose Red, Robin Hood, or the Ugly Duckling – great universal stories though they are.
     Each of my novels has a new context, a new theme, new characters. As I say on my tab About Me I am fascinated by, creativity history, identity, imagination, equality and myth.' Recently, on looking through my novels I realise that – although not with any conscious purpose – these themes seem to be threaded through my writing.
    The compulsion to pigeonhole writers and novels, rife in publishing today, has led me to organise my novels with this in mind, as you see below.

What next?

Well, I‘ve now nearly finished a new novel- the first of three – which embraces an entirely new theme.  I trust readers who have enjoyed the novels listed here will take to this one with the same enthusiasm.
      Ever optimistic, I’m now embarking on a new adventure of  looking for a new agent and a new publisher for this new trio of novels.  I trust there will be some wonderful, insightful angel out there.
       In their time my novels have sold in hundreds of thousands  and been read hundreds of thousands of times in British Libraries. These new ones will, I feel sure, find a good audience 

Latest Publications





Writing Memoir






An Englishwoman in France   (Contemporary)
No Rest For the Wicked (Theatre History)
A Woman Scorned    (Crime/ History)
Cruelty Games     (Crime)
The Lavender House   (Crime/Contemporary History)
Journey to Moscow  Contemporary History 

Social Dramas

Family Ties! see blog post Jane Yolen June Tabor &; The Third Twin
Sandie Shaw and The Millionth Marvell Cooker (Factoryy life in the 1960s)
The Woman Who Drew Buildings   (Poland in 1981)


Riches of The Earth   (Early 20th Century)  
Under a Brighter Sky   (Travelling from Ireland …)
Land of Your Possession   (The Coventry Blitz in WW2) 
A Dark Light Shining  (1930s girl travels to France)
Kitty Rainbow  (Early 20th Century) 
Honesty's Daughter  (1905 Young woman goes the America)

Historical Novels 

Kitty Rainbow X
A Thirsting Land   (Post WW2)
Gabriel Painting  (The original ‘Pitman Painter)
My Dark Eyed Girl  * ( Spanish Civil War)
The Long Journey Home (WW2  Internment in Singapore)
The Pathfinder (4thC   AD. Celtd vs Romans)

Children's Novels 


Example of Comments

Daria Maslennikova24 July 2012 13:17

Dear Wendy! Thank you for the book "The Woman who Drew Buildings". I bought it in Cambridge and started to read.. So it's my first book of W. Robertson.
Anyone who was born in the East (like me, I'm Russian) will understand Marie even better and feel with her

The novel that emerged from my time as
a Writer in Residence in a Women's Prison


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