Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Post Card 10: A Day of Mist or Fog and Good Food

Mist ot Fog?
Weatherwise Tuesday was superficially the worst day of the holiday as there was a sea fret - or fog - or mist that persisted all day. Still warm, though.

So we jumped the car and rode rhrough the mist along the coast to Goleen, via Schull, enjoying spooky mist-laden views of  lake and lagoon and  bog. We passed the turn off for Bantry where so many thousands set off to emigrate in the 19th century to escape famine,  poverty and oppression.

As we purred along the modern well made road we wondered about the length of this journey - on the old bumpy route - travellng in a pony and trap, on horse or in a carriage. Or on foot of course.

We are not alone. D said she's read an old Independent article that described this region as the Irish Dordogne, as it is the refuge for so many rather well known arty and creative people.  I saw a notice of Lord Puttnam - a long term resident - opening a literary festival here. The upmarket restaurants and some shops here and there reflected this affluent presence.

We stopped at Schull on our way back and had the best pub lunch ever, served with great charm at  Hacketts, as we  ate and talked to the tune of mid-twentieth century jazz. A great way to spend a misty day...

Wish you were here

Eating out is one thing but for the lovely food we've had here in the house see D's Licked Spoon blog 


  1. You certainly are enjoying yourself,do I see a pint of guiness? Ha ha!

  2. I am certainly enjoying myself Anne - relaxing for the first time in months. It is Murphy's Stout - the stout that comes from the West of Ireland. Alas today is the last day so I will have to think of a very special postcard....w

  3. Well it wouldn't be Ireland without the mist (great excuse for a long pub lunch) nor would it be Ireland without the wonderful homemade food, but the stories - they are the thing and a real gift for a story maker like yourself - look forward to hearing more of them.

    A x



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