Friday 29 June 2012

PC from Ireland 7: On the Virtues if Being at the Top of The Hill

Postcard Seven

B says we seem to have come away at the right time.

Through the Archway
We're feeling very sorry to hear on the radio about  the floods in England, particularly in my lovely North of England. All this is somehow symbolised by the roof coming down in cosy old Ikea in the Metro Centre, Gateshead.

Here in West there has been mist and great cloud here succeeded by cracking thunder and lightening. But the thundre came happened after we went to bed and we hung out of the window to watch  the  gutter gushing with water running down the street.

Then the next morning we woke up to a bit of cloud, a bit of sun, a bit of drizzle. The legend here is 'four weathers in a day'.
And no flooding,
The road down
The key here is running down. If we go through the archway onto the very steep street we turn right and it that leads in one direction down to the harbour, or turn left and it leads  up, up to the tiny papershop/garage where Bryan climbs each morning to buy his Times before the road itself climbstowards  Skibbereen.

 (The Telegraphs are mounting up at home - will provide my news junkie with his 21 paper fix when we arrive home again).

Down the gutter

But the point is that the deluge of water from the storm runs down in a gutter, down the hill and into the sea. Doesn't seem to invade the houses. So here in the big house we won't be suffering the fate of Ikea in the Metro Centre.

And into the sea

Now the sun is shining and the sky is blue and we're off to a place called Schull* where lots of artists and writers have found some refuge. Maybe - however briefly - I'll feel at home.

Wish you were here


* (later) We didn't go to Schull. We went to Cape Clear the most Southerly island of these islands. More anon.


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