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NB All books now on Kindle

Writing Memoir/Handbook
The Romancer -

- In paperback and in Kindle form

The Art of Retreating (2012) Forthcoming
An Englishwoman in France (2011)
No Rest For the Wicked (2005)
A Woman Scorned (2004)  
Cruelty Games (1996)  
The Lavender House (2007) 
Self Made Woman (1999) 

Social Dramas
Family Ties  (2006) click! see also blog post Jane Yolen June Tabor & The Third Twin
Sandie Shaw and The Millionth Marvell Cooker (2008)
The Woman Who Drew Buildings  (2009)

Riches of The Earth  (1992)
Under a Brighter Sky   (1993)
Land of Your Possession   (1994)
A Dark Light Shining   (1995)
Kitty Rainbow  (1996)
Honesty's Daughter   (2003)

Historical Novels
Children of the Storm   (1997)
A Thirsting Land   (1998)
The Jagged Window   (1999)
Where Hope Lives  (2001)
NB Kindle version of Where Hope Lives :
is called Gabriel Painting  
Dark Eyed Girl  * (2001)
The Long Journey Home  (2002)

Children's Novels 
Theft  (1972)
Lizza   (1987)
The Real Life of Studs McGuire


  1. Daria Maslennikova24 July 2012 at 13:17

    Dear Wendy! Thank you for the book "the woman who drew buildings". I bought it in Cambridge and started to read.. So it's my first book of W. Robertson.
    Who was born in the East (like me, I'm Russian) will understand Marie even better and feel with her

    1. Dear Daria
      Thank you for your kind comments. I appreciate your understanding of Marie. It makes me think that the novel.
      is a living and evolving thing added to by every reader. You with all your special insights will have enhanced the meaning. I I hope you enjoy other novels of mine in the future... Best wishes Wendy



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