Tuesday 25 January 2011

New Blog Address for LTT...

Dear Friends

My blog, A Life Twice Tasted, is now integrated with my website at


Same blog, same person, different place ...

Please do come over. I've been missin' you!

Tuesday 11 January 2011

Editing The Writing Game With Terry Ferdinand


Tonight’s Writing Game is our poetry special.

Hosted by regular presenter Avril Joy This month’s Writing WorkingGame features Thornaby poet Maureen Almond who bases some of her poetry on the classical Odes of Horace. It’s fascinating to hear how she tells her tales of the shipyards and their people using this sophisticated form. She also talks about the way she started writing poetry in her forties, and how she sets about writing her new poems  - a great insight for new poets.

Then Glynn Wales tells of how he used poetry to inspire a boy in his Ferryhill school to read more deeply and widely. And he reads for us Wilfred Owen’s poem Disabled which has resonance today when are own young soldiers – some from our region - return injured from Afghanistan.

We also hear again from Kathleen Jones talking this time to Avril about her own ventures into poetry. (I’m looking forward to going to the launch of Kathleen’s book about Katherine Mansfield, The Storyteller at Foyles bookshop in London on 21st…)

My regEsitin with Terry Goodular mentor James is away in London so I put together the final edit in my little cubbyhole studio with the help of my friend Terry Ferdinand who is a very good teacher. I learned lots. He says he’ll show me how to interleave music with the segments next time. I’m looking forward to that as it will make  the whole thing  much smoother. I’m still on my learning curve.


I’m also looking forward to listening to Terry’s programme on Bishop FM next Sunday at four o’clock. Check Terry F out on Bishop FM 

And I hope you’ll go to The Writing Game on Bishop FM 

to check out our poetry special

Tonight at 7pm Tuesday 11th January

You might like to know that Terry has made  the podcast

so those outside the area  of you might like to download it

after the broadcast,


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