Monday, 6 April 2009

Artistic Licence

From time to time on this blog you will see art work by my young friend Fiona. She has always taken an interest my writing; I have always taken an interest in her art. One highlight of our joint creativity was the publication of my novel Honesty's Daughter, inspired by the manor house of the Shafto family, Whitworth Hall. Fiona painted a beautiful collection of images in and around the hall and exhibited them on our summer's day launch of the novel. As all launches should be, this was a celebration of the first order.

I am hoping some of Fiona's drawings will be part of the cover design for the new novel The Woman Who Drew Buildings, a novel partly set in Poland. You can see one of her drawings of Kracow on this blog, alongside my very first post. Making People Is Mad. (Click on this title left, on my archive list)

On this page here you can see her imagined view of Whitworth Hall before it burned down in the eighteenth century, alongside her painting of the High Street where I grew up.

To enjoy a full and proper view of Fiona's gorgeous work, look at her website at



  1. Lovely to see Fiona's pictures - wouldn't it be lovely if her artwork was used for The Woman Who Drew Buildings?

  2. Beautiful pictures! - do take a look at Fiona's website Ax



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