Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Stop Press Avril Joy and Hilary Mantel

So delighted that Hilary Mantel won the Costa Book of the Year award for Bring Down The Bodies. I was rooting for her as you will note from my last post (scroll down).

She now has such an excellent and significant body of work. Surely they should be considering her for something bigger - perhaps the Nobel prize for Literature?

But if it's possible I am  even more delighted to say that yesterday at the awards alongside Hilary was my good writing friend Avril Joy who won the inaugural Costa Short Story competition out of an entry of nearly two  thousand.

The cream always rises to the top, be it Hilary or Avril.


  1. Eileen Wharton (Jennison)30 January 2013 at 20:38

    I'm delighted for Avril though not surprised. Her writing, like that of Hilary Mantell, is exquisite. Well done. Whoop! Whoop!

  2. Exquisite is the word Eileen.
    Are you still writing? I remember how powerful your own writing was. But some time ago now! Wx

  3. Thank you Wendy - what a thrill seeing my name alongside Hilary Mantel's - Avril x

  4. Eileen Wharton (Jennison)21 February 2013 at 20:39

    Hi Wendy,
    I am still writing. My first novel was published by Byker Books as an ebook and is shortly to be published in paperback; my first children's picture book is to be published some time this year or next (whenever the artist gets round to illustrating it) and I'm working on a crime novel, a novel for young adults and a number of children's chapter books. I'm still teaching four days and bringing up my family so it's busy, busy, busy but I always make time to write. I love reading 'A Life Twice Tasted.' It inspires me. I hope you are well and happy
    Eileen x

  5. Dear Eileen
    So pleased to see that even in such a busy life you make the time to write. It's the only way. And anyway your life is a your material isn't it? You and I and Avril and Gillian should meet and talk about the delights of writing and living. Email me and I'll fix it up. WX. Your portfolio is looking very good...



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