Tuesday 1 January 2013

Spells, Good Intentions and Good Wishes for 2013

I would like to wish a creative, fulfilling and satisfying New Year to all the gentle people who land on this page and take an interest in which particular bit of my writing life I taste for the second time.  In 2012 Lifetwicetasted struck a chord with some lovely people who took the trouble to let me know this. It's so nice to know you care. 
       Being a bit of a Pagan I tend to like the New Year’s Celebration more than the more cosy shores of Christmas. The Winters Solstice, the turn of the year has a resonance outside organised religion and custom: we experience the end of the dark days and a glimpse of brighter days to come. Now we can draw a line under the previous year with its challenges and its disappointments – even its successes and delights. A new day dawns and it seems up to ourselves to make the year work for us – or to work to make the year the best it can be.
       So making ‘New Year Resolutions’ – in Pagan terms casting some spells for the New Year – can be part of this process can’t it? It's one way of summing up your hopes and dreams for the year to come and getting into the right frame of mind to make them come true.  
       So I thought I would share with you ten of my resolutions, wishes or spells for 2013.
1.     I will keep in better touch with my friends. (Not good at this.)
2.     I will make a very big push early in the year to get a proper handle on this new novel. (Sometimes I get lost in and distracted by the fascinating research.)
3.     I will walk outside in the light every day. (I tend to burrow away too much.)
4.     I will have a stab at another set of short stories. This is a lovely diversion from long fiction and allows the flexing of other literary muscles. (Looking forward to seeing my  two sets out in the spring with Audiogo.)
5.     I will meditate once a day every day not just as and when. (I can be erratic about this very positive process.)
6.     I will read more poetry and tackle some five finger exercises in this form. (I'm not a poet but have always enjoyed this kind of play. Have done it less in this last year.)
7.     I will try and be a bit more businesslike about my books on Kindle. There must be a way to do this although I’m uncomfortable with advice that tells you to sell yourself at very opportunity.  I think it could be counterproductive as I myself get irritated by people shouting up their titles all the time. There must be a civilised way to tackle this.
8.     I will put more comments on blogs that I enjoy. I tend to think the writers will not be interested in my opinion, but then I remember how delighted I am if someone posts a positive comment on my blog.
9.     I will go to Wales – crucial and should have an impact on my take on for book research.
10. I will cast a spell for my family that they will grow in health, wisdom and self esteem 

Well there you are! Do you have any spells you wish to cast on 2013?


  1. Happy New Year, Wendy and success in achieving those 10 excellent Resolutions.

  2. Thank you Eileen.. Have you made a any resolutions yourself? And a Happy New Year to You.! Wxxx



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