Thursday, 21 June 2012

Postcard From Ireland 3: Lush Green Growth

 Even from the aircraft we could see the landscape below is stretching out in a patchwork of fifty brillantshades of green.

Here on the ground the warm temperatures and the good tempered rain ensure that every hedge row, every pathway, every garden is sprouting with life and green energy,

Yesterday I saw wild strawberryies growing out of an extrerior wall.

You have to squeeze down the house pathways to get from one part of the garden to another, Yesterday two gardeners came with a big strimmer to make sure we didn't get whipped in the head by the vegetation.

One ferny bank is crowded with brambles in full blossom, promising a giany harvest of raspberries after we have gone. Our genius leading cook brought with her jams made last year in France from greengages and apricots, Just a bit early for that here ...

My earliest memory of travelling in Ireland was of the great bright hedges of delicatefuchsia lining the narrow roads and pathways. Again this is just beginning here with a few flowers showing their heads,

Wish you were here

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  1. I remember the fuschias too! How lush and gorgeous everything looks!



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