Tuesday 19 June 2012

Postcards from Ireland. I: Arriving at the House

Home from home...
The plane from Newcastle to West Cork was an hour and a quarter late and then it took another 45 minutes to get to the house just outside Skibbereen which will be our holiday home for three weeks. I am with lovely people -  three of whom are cooks, one of whom is a cook genius. This, of course,  makes self catering the luxury option for me, the writer who doesn't cook.

Butler's View
The house was built in 1745 and was the Custome House for the busy port of Skibbereen, We have the bottom part of the house which has echoes and shades  of the old kitchen and scullery areas including a wonderful butlers sink with a Georgian architrave window.

The rooms have beautiful windows and doorways and one room is panelled.

The books are great, the company's great and the sun is shining. I might  even do some writing,

More tomorrow.

Wish you were here



  1. I agree looks fabulous - wonderful time to all!

  2. Hi pleased youre spotting this.w"xxx

  3. I think this looks like an inspirational place to write. Have a lovely holiday.



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