Thursday, 5 November 2015

Short Story: Josephine's Englishman.

I have uploaded this short story for you

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Josephine’s Englishman


This story presented itself to me when I was the life of Alphonsine, the mysterious second wife of John Bowes, founder of the Bowes Museum in County Durham. 

You ask how I met him? That you need this for your book? Well, it started very early mademoiselle.
       My father used to draw me as a child. He sketched my chubby feet. He outlined my roly-poly body and filled me in with pastel, rubbed hard - red, white and ochre with green in the creases. Alas it was a losing battle. The body was that of a baby but the emerging face always looked far too old. Those works remained hidden from public sight. Continue 

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