Friday 30 October 2015

'I walked in Elen's shoes...'

I love my intelligent readers and it is always a delight to read
their reviews. So I could not resist sharing with you a new five star Amazon review from JMG.

***** The Pathfinder by Wendy Robertson. An evocative novel of a rarely researched time in history. An excellent read.,October 29, 2015

The Pathfinder (Kindle Edition)

What a treat! I have long been an aficionado of historical fiction, delighting in the sensation of living in another time and place. The Pathfinder transported me to a world of otherness, a world permeated by myths and mysteries, a world with vastly differing constructs of reality. Within this well researched novel I glimpsed not only the land of my forefathers but the people who populated it, people who came to life as they lived and loved in a country I know well but within a historical context I barely understood. Wendy Robertson is to be congratulated on her diligent research of a less well known era of British history, alongside her capacity to take the reader from a daily world dominated by scientific concepts of the 21st century to the magical ethos permeating pre and post Roman Britain. I walked in Elen's shoes. I observed through her eyes, I empathized with her feelings - all thanks to the skill of the writer.

Thank you JMG. And thank you from Elen, for walking in her Celtic shoes.   

Walk in Elen's shoes. Read the novel

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