Thursday, 2 May 2013

Stop Press! Great Workshoppers.

Wednesday's workshop was great - more people that I'd expected but everyone set to with such a will, tackling the series of challenging tasks with energy and imagination. Some great words are emerging and two new people have asked to come to next week's workshops. They will be very welcome.

Wednesday 8th  2pm Bishop Auckland Town Hall. 
(Scroll  down to last post for details.)  

I was touched that my lovely sister Susan did
some great research  and found the house
 in North Wales  where  our
grandmother was born in the 1890s.
Now, there's a story there...

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  1. It was a great workshop Wendy, so encouraging to see such a large group of keen writers, heads down and writing hard. I think not reading round meant we had so much more time for the writing itself and that has to be a good thing.

    Really looking forward to next week - should be great if the planning is anything to go by!



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