Saturday 27 April 2013

Join My Back to Basics Workshops at 2pm in May 1st

I’ve always said that teaching is the best way of learning. After so many books and so many years I still have stuff to learn about the fascinating process of writing. So it’s with the delight of anticipation that for the last couple of weeks I’ve been working very hard with my friend Avril Joy preparing for the first of a series of four writing workshops at my old stamping ground, Bishop Auckland Town Hall Library.

We have called this series Back to Basics 
with the idea that in any craft of skill going back to basics is a refreshing and inspiring process for both experienced and new practitioners.

So, as  well as being a refresher course for existing writers who want to look at their method
and process, these workshops have been designed for absolute beginners. These starter workshops are intended to give them confidence to make a start whether their aim is fiction, memoir, family stories or factual writing there will be something inspiring here for everyone.

We will explore the role of writing in everyone’s life even if they don’t consider themselves yet to be a writer - letters, diaries, reports, for instance. We will show the value of normal use of language in speaking, recounting, telling stories. We will talk of the necessity for more experienced writers to audit their skills and practices and go back to basics to evaluate their work, to refresh and rediscover their style.

This first workshop will involve three different and intense writing experiences which will be productive for all writers, from absolute beginners to those who have poems, stories or even books in their literary folio.

These workshops will not involve individuals reading out their own work, as I’ve come to think that this process is time-consuming and more suited to some writers than others. I know that reading out is a convention in workshops but I sometime think that reading out loud at an early stage can be destructive for some people. In the latter of this series fo four workshops we will find other ways of sharing work

So if you happen to be reading this and are in travelling distance of lovely old Bishop Auckland come along and join Avril and me and learn how to develop your writing by going Back to Basics.

As I said at the beginning I think that teaching is the best way of learning so I am sure we will learn lots from you as well.

The workshops start on
Wednesday 1s May at Bishop Auckland Town Hall 2 -4.30
The workshops are free to you but BATH will charge you £2 for the tea/coffee and biscuits includedas a the treat to keep us going.

Workshops Start at 2pm May 1st Bishop Auckland Town Hall. Ring to reserve a place.



Address: Market Pl, Bishop Auckland, County Durham DL14 7NP
Phone:0300 026 9524


  1. I'm looking forward to the first workshop very much Wendy - knowing what you've planned I think it will be very special and quite inspirational. Also something a bit different, hard work but relaxed; good for both beginners (no reading out to worry about) and experienced writers too.

    Roll on Wednesday!

  2. I hops so. That's the intention as you know...

  3. Oh I wish I lived near here this is just what I need. I especially like the no reading out loud that really put me off joining any groups.

    1. Wish you could be there Anne! I have lately thought that reading our can be a penalty too far for some very good writers who are naturally shy. After all writing lives on and is destined for the page. I always like the way my writing (at its best) actually looks on the page,m either in manuscript or book form. Hope your writing is going well.wx

  4. Hi Wendy,

    Big thanks for the workshop this afternoon. Great to go back to basics. I love journaling and short vignettes but struggle with sustained fiction so it was good to get some insights into creating stories. Enjoyed working in a new environment and seeing so many people keen to put pen to paper. Looking forward to next week's session.


    Steve Urwin

  5. It was lovely to have you there Steve. It was a great and focused group willing to give all the ideas a try. I hope that over the four weeks Avril and I will furnishing you with the inspiration to go on and sustain your fiction and create exciting outcomes. As you love writing your journal and creating vignettes (lovely word that ...) you are halfway there. Happy writing. See you next week. w

  6. Just looked at your blog Steve. So dramatic. Lots of stories there in disguise. Great. ,

  7. Thanks Wendy. I'm only really uploading my page per day A5 journal this year as editing morning pages, on-the-move jottings and daily journal was becoming a full-time job. Will be doing something with last year's writings in due course, have just done NaPoWriMo as well. Cheers!



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