Saturday 16 March 2013

A Drive on the Wild Side

Last Thursday - in good company - I drove over the tops between Weardale and Teesdale, defying the weather which had of late been threatening and snow-laden. Up there, un-fogged by people and a crowd of concerns it is possible to clear oneself of the present feel the deep past

The Lumpy Land

Here are some lines from my notebook

Passing through this lumpy land,
rumpled hard by men who, in ancient times,
quarried marble to build cathedrals
and dug coals to heat the hearths
 of the great and the good

Up here I encounter the wild places
under my own skin: the layers of self
embedded in my genetic structure;
the honeycombs in my head filled with 
un-worded memory, originating
in the prickly wake of my conception

Icing sugar snowflakes sprinkle the tops
and lie like silk ribbons
in the creases of the brown land
celebrating the wedding of ancient and modern:
between ourselves and people who - like us -
led lives imbued with purpose
and thought with equivalent care
of their children and tomorrow’s dinner -
the millennia between us melting
like snow in Spring sunshine  
Like silk ribbons in the creases ...


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