Monday, 1 October 2012

Changing My Priority Back To the Written Word.

Here on Lifetwicetasted you have heard from time to time of my adventure into community broadcasting with my programme THE WRITING GAME. Through producing writing and editing 23 one hour programmes I have learned a great deal. It has been exciting and full of month-by-month pressure. If I were thirty years younger I might  have made a career of it.

But I am a writer: my commitment is to the written word and I must now focus properly on that,
You might be interested in the whole story, so below is the  piece I have posted on my Bishop FM Blog which will give you the whole picture.  It has been a great experience is the significance of the spoken word and the deadline disciplines of broadcasting.  Any writer out there who wants to spread her or his creative wings whould give community broadcasting a try.

This is what I said:

'...They say every good thing should come to an end and I am sad to say that, due to pressure of work, I will be unable to continue with The Writing Game.
This winter - writing being my day job - I will be completing the third of three short story collections[1]* This new collection is called Painting Matters & Other Stories and features painting, painters, teachers and other life-changers. I will also be embarking in a big new novel involving ... er ...ghosts.

On The Writing Game we have celebrated writing and writers, reading and readers. We have interviewed great writers such as David Almond, Pat Barker, Terry Deary, Kathleen Jones, Maureen Almond and Ann Cleeves. We have featured talented local writers such as Barbara Laurie, Geri Auton, Noma Neil, Eileen Elgey and Alison Carr. Also musician Andy Jackson and Su Kane.

Of course the Writing Game is not just one person. On the The Writing Game team – all from Bishop Auckland – we have had novelist and short story writer Avril Joy, gardener, librarian, writer and expert on mining art Gillian Wales and historian Glynn Wales who reads more widely and more eclectically than anyone I know.

Between the four of us on our team we have celebrated the Dickens Bi-Centenary, the joys of writing and reading Children’s Literature, the inspirations of music, gardening and travel, and the writing of Bishop Auckland history; we have showcased the writing skills involved in writing novels, short stories, memoirs and poetry.

 With valued technical advice from Bishop FM’s James Burrage and Terry Ferdinand, and encouraged by Gillian Campbell, I have learned a such in the course of producing these many one hour programmes – researching content, recording interviews and discussions, editing two or three hours of source material into the coherent 56 minutes which is The Writing Game. This has all been very fascinating and absorbing – a great learning curve for me. But in the end it has left little time and energy for my equally fascinating and absorbing 'day job' of writing novels and stories.

The good news is that all of the Writing Game programmes will remain here as THE WRITING GAME ARCHIVE an archive of podcasts on the Bishop FM Website as well as being featured on the widely available iTunes. So the opportunity is there for everyone to listen again to these good words about reading and writing on The Writing Game.

So in signing off here I would like to thank Gillian C, James and Terry for allowing and encouraging me to share with them the airwaves of South Durham. And Gillian W, Glynn and Avril or their ongoing inspiration and comradeship. (I hope you will hear their voices again on the aor waves of Bishop FM.)
Thank you all so much.

I hope I too can come back here now and then to share with you my opinions about writing and books which may be in the news. If you want to share with me the ongoing delights of my day job, look at my blog at

Until then, happy writing, happy reading.

Wendyx ...

[1] The first two -The reissued Knives & Other Stories and a new collection Fear of Flight &  other Stories –   are both  now commissioned for publication. The third collection Painting Matters & Other Stories is in its final stages of writing...  '

So now, back properly to the day job...


  1. I'm sorry that The Writing Game has had to come to an end Wendy but I've seen first hand how time consuming putting together a quality programme is and I'm not surprised therefore by your decision. I'm delighted that the archive of The Writing Game will still be available on the Bishop FM website as well as on i-tunes. There are some really unique conversations with great writers which in my view rival mainstreaqm media, along with some equally high calibre pieces from contributors Gillian and Glynn Wales and I would urge both writers and readers to take time to explore this very special archive.

    Of course writing always has to come first and the new stories sound fascinating!

  2. Very sorry to hear you're calling a halt, but quite understand. I don't think anyone knows just how much work goes into a radio programme - the research, the thinking, the doing, then the recording. It's brilliant that you've done it for so long. On the BBC you'd have had a team of eager beavers to do all the hard work for you!!!! Not so in local radio. It's been a wonderful thing to have done and the archive will be there for all to access. Now, as you say, you've got to get back to the real business of writing. Easy to get side-tracked into fun things! Good luck Wendy - look forward to the new stories.

  3. Always so very good to get comments from people whom you respect. Loving your new Newsletter Avril - already taking up a piece of your good advice. And I'm reading your new novel Kathleen - new title works. Looking forward now to posting a comment. WXx

  4. Always so very good to get comments from people whom you respect. Loving your new Newsletter Avril - already taking up a piece of your good advice. And I'm reading your new novel Kathleen - new title works. Looking forward now to posting a comment. WXx



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