Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Power of the Wild Bluebell

On the bank in my garden leaves of bluebells are massing, ready to bubble forth  in flower late in April.

G., who has a writer's eye, took this photo on his phone: it is a wild bluebell in flower in the wild woods a short distance from here. Almost buried in last year's dead leaves and grasses and tangled in importunate ivy, this ancient flower stands there heralding a proper, wild spring.

The bluebells, long  naturalised in my garden, will be a paler, more apologetic blue, having lost their wild power.

Thank you for the thought, G.


  1. The first of the bluebells to rival 'the first of the snowdrops' - also to be found in your garden. Wonderful! GW

  2. You would know ... I was thinking that maybe I am better at wild than tame. I like your stand and stare photo...V mysterious. wx

  3. Lovely - they have bluebells in italy, but not so many - hiding in damp, shady places with a few clumps of primroses. The woods are carpeted by white wood anemones, violets,hellebore and wild garlic. But in a few weeks it will be hot and dry and the wildflowers will vanish.



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