Saturday 10 March 2012

Birthday Vibes: Translucent Butter Muslin


I wake up trembling

Time vibrating, tolling

Like a church bell


I see you standing there

dressed in yellow, arms raised -

backlit translucent butter muslin

Visions pulsing like stars before my eye:

You, with red hair in a fluffy coat

You, in sky blue crêpe party dress -

toggled at the neck in amber

You, in a silk dress, smiling -

he stoops, his arm slung

around your shoulders

You, standing straight and crisp

in your blue uniforn

silver buckle belted

A Place For Naming


The third of four children,

I slipped out barely noticed

among the dogs of war

and other fine distractions.

Later on I made you tea

and passed hard tests,

wrote so many books

just to please your heart

and catch your eye

There is the legend -

a story told so many times -

of me in your arms, you walking

to the church, waist high in snow -

to expunge your sin

and endow me with

a name made up by the man

who loved lost boys.


I see you standing here

dressed in yellow, arms raised -

all translucent butter muslin


  1. Really beautiful, Wendy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I really moving piece Wendy with some beautiful imagery. I love 'slipped out barely noticed among the dogs of war' and the walk through the snow...a touching, at times poignant picture of mother and daughter

  3. Thank you both for your sensitivity. wx



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