Friday, 10 February 2012

Out of a Crisis comes a Better Solution!

Some of you have noticed that my site has very peculiarly and completely crashed. A disaster! Visual chaos! I hope it will be retrieved soon. It will be redeveloped by someone who has the skills (not me!). I like to be independent about my computer stuff but to do that task is quite beyond my skills.

Anyway I decided I’d take the opportunity to create a second blog. This new one would focus on the reading of books, rather than - as does LIve Twice Tasted - writing, the work in progress, the creative process of writing and, of course, my own novels.

This new blog will reflect this other side of my literary obsession - the whole world of books. (This world did exist on Life Twice Tasted but, I have felt for a time that the focus on reading needs its own space.)

So Wendy’s Love Affair With Books (link there on the sidebar) will feature stories of important books in my life, reviews and commentary on the current books I am reading as well as books that are out these in the contemporary world. I will also ask certain people to be guest reviewers on this blog and perhaps comment on the role of books in their own lives. We will feature prizewinning books and perhaps books that should have won prizes. The Kindle revolution will definitely be part of this mix. I know I am not the only devoted reader who has included the Kindle option as part of my reading life.

So – see you here and see you there! I hope you will find these complementary blogs fun to read - just as I
love writing them
. wx

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