Wednesday 23 November 2011

Writing is the Sound of the Soul Breathing

Writing  is measured, shapely, intended
Every breath out predicates every breath in
Each sentence brings forward another one
Every word is a platform for the next jump
In meaning
We breathe in lines, in paragraphs,
In pages,  in chapters, in volumes -
Our life laid there in a trillion words
A million separated, well formed
Writing is the notation of the quiet soul-
Not blasted out by trumpets and clarinets -
Dark smoke in the air, rising -
But the  words lie there, just
Waiting for your arm writing
They lie there in ranks and lines
Waiting for you to add your world
To my notation on the   page
Creating a different world
New to your soul and mine

Writing is the sound of the soul breathing


  1. Hello Wendy. Thanks for visiting and following my personal blog. It led me to yours. I'm so very impressed with its profound words and lovely poetry. So nice to meet you. I'm now a follower.

  2. Thank you H & W. Am now enjoying the perspectives and insight on your blog.Do come again. wx

  3. I love this poem Wendy - it's beautiful! have copied it out into my Wild Mind notebook - will put it up on my wall for inspiration

  4. Left a comment Wendy, but it didn't seem to register! I love the line Writing is the Sound of the Soul Breathing, because that is exactly how it is!



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