Tuesday 22 November 2011

Writing is the Sound of the Soul Breathing


Writing  is measured, shapely, intended

Every breath out predicates every breath in

Each sentence brings forward another one

Every word is a platform for the next jump

In meaning


We breathe in lines, in paragraphs,

In pages,  in chapters, in volumes -

Our life laid there in a trillion words

A million separated, well formed



Writing is the notation of the quiet soul-

Not blasted out by trumpets and clarinets -

Dark smoke in the air, rising -

But the  words lie there, just

Waiting for your eye.my arm writing


They lie there in ranks and lines

Waiting for you to add your world

To my notation on the   page

Creating a different world

New to your soul and mine


Writing is the sound of the soul breathing


  1. I love that line Wendy 'Writing is the sound of the soul breathing' - because it just is.

  2. Thank you dear Kathy. I am looking forward to reading your new collection. wx



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