Friday, 10 December 2010

Stop Press

I see copies of The Romancer have not yet arrived at Amazon. (Can’t think why …) If you are in a hurry to get one for ChristmasWendy with rings for your writer buddies you can get one directly from me (  Email me with an address and I’ll invoice you and despatch it directly. I’m very keen for people to read it sooner rather than later . wxx


  1. I assume the romancer is POD?
    Mine took a few days from the time Ingram said it was ready.
    Hmmm the Book Depository seem to be doing the same thing to you.
    Who is your printer?

  2. Not print on demand (POD), so the actual books have to get from the printer(HPM)/ publisher(Room To Write) /to national suppliers (now registered with them...) though Amazon to the buyer, I suppose. I'm a bit of an innocent in all this, never having done it before. Or, as I say above, if you email me an address I can supply the actual book direct to any buyer.

    Still it's a learning curve, as the present cliche goes.

    Even so I'm still enjoying this exciting process. The response from those who've actually got their copy has been great...



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