Friday, 17 December 2010

A New Journey for The Romancer – she’s now available Online

They say learning new things keep you young. If that’s the case then I’m getting younger every day. On the inside anyway.

The latest is that after something of a journey of discovery i have created a way in which you can from from me in a collector’s  edition through Amazon. Click on One new 7.99 This means it will be available for friends at home and abroad so hooray for that. I’m dying now for someone to give it a try to see if it works, If it does I will do the same for all my books.

I’m just looking round now for something else I need to learn…



  1. Something to learn, is it possible to set up the equivalent for the Book Depository?
    They don't charge postage down to the antipodes. Makes life much easier.

  2. Alas it is still showing as temporarily out of stock.

  3. Dear Al

    No Al it's not impossible, honest. Go below the Amazon official 'out of stock' notice to where it says' 1 new from £7.99'

    Click on that and you'll be able to buy it. I think...

    It's good of you to keep trying - helps me test the system...

    Can you let me know if it works???




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