Thursday, 4 November 2010

Not being a poet…

Not being a poet I can’t call this a poem. It’s really more

A writer’s list…

Rain slicks the blue van to a shine

Water lies in pools on the market square

The market stalls have left their spoor -

Vague shadow of a bad day’s takings

Raindrops weigh down cyclamen

On the last flower stall.

A woman crouches like a dealer

In her hoodie: pillar box red.

Another woman, her bleached hair

Hanging like snakes, hauls

Her boy from school,

Both unwilling.

I have to say there’s something rakish

About a raised blue umbrella.


(PS This hosta is called a Blue Umbrella)


  1. I'm definitely no poet either, but I would have called your list "poetic".

  2. Why not a poem? William Carlos Williams said in a BBC Radio 3 interview that you can make a poem out of a shopping list if it has a rhythm and to prove it he included the interview and the shopping list in his poem Paterson!



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