Wednesday, 5 May 2010

On Air and In Shock

Well, the Writing Game went out last night on Bishop FM!!

It’s been the epitome of the cliché of a steep ‘learning curve’ in the Radio Times 002 Lisettelast month, learning absolutely new skills and gathering together ideas and people to generate this one hour radio show for this community station.

The programme was now all on tape so a few of us gathered to listen to it in my sitting room over glasses of white wine. Writers Lisette Rebecca Grout and Geri Auton were there already to record their piece for a future programme, and Avril was there for moral support.

The programme before The Writing Game was a very jolly, chatty, drive-time music show presented by two lively gRadio Times 001uys who were obviously having a good time. Like me they are amateurs but they sound so much more confident and polished than I know I feel about all this.

Then my music (Dave Brubeck) and my show. It’s very scary. I do sound nervous but I think I get better during the hour. I hope I’ll get more laid back and natural with more experience. My commitment shows through, I think. The contributors – Avril, Eileen, Hilary, Debora, Gillian and Glyn – are all marvellous. Apart from Debora, it’s their first time too. I have to say I feel there’s good, interesting content in the programme for both readers and writers.

Radio Times 003 Geri

Despite the great efforts of the lovely James Burrage of Bishop FM the continuity is just a bit bumpy – all my fault and I know I’ll make it easier for James next time.

One thing that surprised me was the surge of the sound of the advertisements half way through – a big contrast to our restrained voices discussing books and things, I’d forgotten about the advertisements. But it was very reassuring in its own way.

It finally dawned on me that this was the real world. That my programme, my Writing Game was really out there. On the radio. On air. Crikey!


People have been very kind – here are some reactions:

First from Station Manager Gillian Campbell

‘Oh, and the show was fabulous - thank you. I had a house full sitting
around the radio staring at it (that doesn't happen very often in my
house, trust me!)’

…and …

Fan mail already - wow, I'm very impressed - well done! ‘

From people who listened

  • ‘Congratulations. The Writing Game was such a success - a brilliant new programme that will be a treat to look forward to each month.’
  • ‘Congratulations! All your hard work paid off and The Writing Game comes across as well presented, interestingly structured and inspiring, The features were short enough to hold the listener’s interest and sufficiently varied as magazine-type programmes ought to be. Well done.’
  • ‘Many congratulations on a good first programme.. Here's to many more.’

That’s it – here’s to some more. Crime next time. I’ll just go and put a cold compress on my head



  1. Some great reactions and praise for the programme Wendy- - proving it's all been worth it, despite the steep learning curve and sleepless night - and of course, as I know, there is so much more to come...!

    Added to this the podcast will soon be available providing an archive that I believe will be somehting very special indeed.

    A x

  2. I'm so impressed by what you've all achieved and barrel-loads of good wishes for future programmes.

    The local writing women and I have now featured in two programmes on nearest community radio station and station is keen to have us back. But, to date, no-one has offered to take a lead in organising . . . I'd offer but live out of the area and think it would make more logistic sense for it to be a member of the group who lives in the town (and there are several). However, I can see an opportunity slipping away. Should I turn into . . .
    Bossy Boots?X

  3. So worth doing, Avril, with a little help from my friends...

    Boots - if getting more involved in such a project would take you away from your dog walking and appreciating, your photographing, thinking, speculating, reflecting and writing - don't bother. Those things ar too valuable to us all.

    This project just took my fancy and there was this gap in my life at this particular time. It also appealed to this historian/archivist in me. I also have this cute little all singing and all dancing machine which I'm fascinated with. All still very playful...

    I love the term 'local writing women'. Has a ring to it.




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