Saturday, 9 January 2010

Lines In The Snow

 One red plastic sledge

One child in green boots

Sunshine. I see the shadow of snow on the wall as it flops down from steep roofs. The wall is pockmarked with black silhouettes as birds skitter off into the blue. A man and woman walk by in matching woollen hats, knitted in the Arran style. Their words are smoke in the air.

One green plastic sledge

Two children in fur hoods

Then, I walked to school waist high in snow. Later, stripped by the teacher whose face I don’t remember, I sat by the school stove watching my clothes steam and drinking orange juice, government issue. My teacher rubbed my cold feet between her warm hands. And still I don’t remember her face.

A woman pushes a wheelchair in the snow -

it has bright yellow wheels

customised for long-term use.105


I dream of a broad river

And sunset at  the end

Of a bright, warm day.





  1. Beautiful 'lines in the snow' Wendy. So atmospheric. I love the way this ranges effortlessly across the past present and future just as our thoughts do. Ax

  2. I too really enjoyed this post.
    I have been thinking of memory recently.
    Conversations with my mum and brother spark vivid scenes of the past.
    In some ways they are how we frame ourselves. Yet they are fragile and faces are so easily lost.

  3. Hi wendy and avril.
    I have enjoyed the time with you all.
    Enjoy reading now. and trying to do my own storys. will continue with the group.
    meany thanks god bless to you both david lee



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