Sunday, 6 September 2015

Wonderful Reviews: The One True Path

I could not resist sharing with you these two Amazon readers' reviews of The Pathfinder. It is very touching to find  readers who can so well access the heart of one's story as well as the unique challenges of writing a novel.

1] Amazon Five Stars 'The one true path' 4 Sept. 2015

 ...'I have just finished this spell-binding book, rationing out the pages towards the end, so that I could savour every word.

Wendy Robertson is a consummate practitioner of the crossover novel, one foot in the 'now' the other in the 'then' but with this book she has planted both feet firmly on the same historical path and the results are wonderful.

'The Pathfinder' has allowed me to bury two of my reading bête noirs. One is that I don't like historical fiction, the other is that I avoid books that make me cry. However this book has confounded both of these prejudices. I loved the story, part fact, part fiction and I was genuinely moved - not manipulated- by the beauty of the writing and the incredibly sad but uplifting ending.

I don't hesitate in giving this book five stars. I'd give it more if this were possible! Other reviewers will give you in depth details of the story but if I were you, I'd just read it (very slowly) and enjoy every single moment.'...

2] Amazon 5 Stars. What a Remarkable Book!

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' ...The past has never felt so real as in the last days of Roman Britain and the uneasy peace between natives and conquerors portrayed in Wendy Robertson's 'Pathfinder'. Heroine Elen is a beautifully drawn character uniting natives with the conquerors.

Pathways lead in two directions and fey Elen's 'honeycomb' mind leads back centuries into the mists of time. But she is young and resourceful and her ordained path leads from her beloved coastal marshland of West Briain into Roman Gaul when the Roman leader of Britain Magnus Maximum falls I love with the native girl, drawing her father and warrior brothers into his military schemes.
The book is filled with believable,fascinating characters. including Aunt Olwen a drowned spirit, song-writer brother Lleu, and Quin the faithful Roman devoted to both Elen and Magnus Maximus.

It is a delightful, thought provoking read and I could not put it down. So many questions answered, so many tantalisingly left. Elen has a future in her homeland and I want to know more.
 I love it. What a remarkable book! ...' 

The Pathfinder:  

PS I have written HERE before about the importance of reviews. The  commentaries above  show how readers' words  can lift the heart of a writer, inspiring her  to continue to produce original, authentic stories for insightful readers.


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