Friday, 10 July 2015

A Very Last Post-Card 8 from Marseillan: The Echoes Remain

My special time in Marseillan is over but echoes remain:

Doves cooing loves old sweet song
Cicadas squarking their voiceless chorus
Small birds chirping all day tidings
Elegant, upstanding seagulls
Mourning their lost fish-feasts

Foxes shriek their piercing warning
A scops owl cuts into  silent space
with its  sharp sonar sound  
Swifts quarter the wide sky, midnight blue,
soundless on the wing.

Hedgehogs scuttle out from under
dry green hedges
Swifts quarter the wide sky space
in darting silence

The Scops Owl bleeps in the night
 like the solar signal on a submarine.

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