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 OLIVIA OZANNE IS MY HERO’ Reader’s comment. 

We all need Room  To Write.

In my life of writing I have had various rooms: a pasting table in a crowded bedroom in a tiny house when I was young; a corner in the first house when I was married  house, then a room with shelves
in the next one. 
In this present house  for many years I have had the treat of a sunny book-lined study. Then I surrendered this to one who has more need of sunshine and light than me and had returned to a crowded corner in another room.

But now at last  I have been sorting out my house, and have developed my old dining room into my  new writing room – made myself  a beautiful writing space. I have been emptying drawers. peering in boxes throwing things out,  re-discovering real treasures.

One of these treasures was a set of three images of inter-war Moscow which I bought in Moscow in 1991. Andthe six notebooks that I wrote during my stay there.

This made me think again about my precious novel JOURNEY TO MOSCOW I have written HERE about how my experiences in Moscow inspired the novel – two love stories rolled into one at a time of great change, My middle-aged heroine, Olivia Ozanne is very popular with readers – see the review extract below.

So, my newly rejuvenated space has proved both inspiring and refreshing making me eager  to  get on with creating my new novella..

Most importantly this has all  inspired me to make offer it my readers in an Amazon Countdown Offer  of 99p for the week beginning 13th November. I hope you get hold of it and I hope even more that you enjoy it.

It is also available from Amazon in paperback.. I do have a few paperbacks of Journey to Moscow here at £.4.99 +, P and;P. I will sign and dedicate if you request. (Contact top left here). 

I am also interested in your views on this or any of my novels. I enjoy writing them and I so hope that you enjoy reading them.

Sample  Five star Review ….
Anne A. gave Journey to Moscow five stars on Amazon. She said:
'Olivia Ozanne is my hero- totally honest about who she is, warts and all, knowing she has failed as a mother and wife but always remaining true to herself and keeping the faith with her writing.
As always, this writer has woven an intricate tale with many memorable characters, the love of her life Volodya, the grey and brown Aunties, her daughter and son, even the odious Kendrick. They will all remain in my head for a long time and when I say you must read this book, I really mean it!'

For other five star Reviews see HERE

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