Monday, 30 June 2014

Feedback in the contemporary literary jungle,

In the contemporary literary jungle n o writer can survive without positive feedback 

 - Therefore every positive review is a lifeblood and must be to be celebrated, So I cannot resist posting here just part of the latest Amazon Review of Journey to Moscow: The Adventures of Olivia Ozanne:

 '... Relationships are very important in this novel. We have the mother/daughter relationship that can be fraught at times, the love of the two Aunties which has lasted for decades, Kendrick who is an unpleasant character and hasn’t treated Olivia well and the relationship between Olivia and her son, who goes through a hard time with the police. The relationship of Olivia with her own mother has been very difficult and when her mother dies, she is in a quandary. Once again, she makes her own decisions and takes no account of the views of others. She does what she feels is right. This is a fascinating and very readable novel and I have thoroughly enjoyed it....' 

So here's a special thank you to G.A. and thank you to all readers out there who take the time and trouble to reflect on the page about a book they have read and enjoyed. Thank you especially for keeping the lifeblood flowing through this writer's veins!

On Amazon, of course.

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