Friday, 27 September 2013

Women emerging from prison: New paperback novel.

Press Release

Paulie’s Web by Wendy Robertson
Will be launched At Bishop Auckland Town Hall
7pm Wednesday 16th October
‘A powerful writer.’  Mail on Sunday
The novel Paulie's Web distils the tragedies, comedies and ironies of women's lives not just behind bars but out in society.  In her first few days out of prison Paulie Smith relishes her freedom but struggles to adapt to the scary realities of life 'on the out'. She reflects on her life in prison and the four very different women whom she first met in the white prison van.

There's Queenie, the old bag- lady who sees giants and angels, Maritza who disguises her pain with an ultra-conventional life, and drug addict Lilah, the spoiled apple of her mother's eye. Then there is the tragedy of the abused Christine - the one with the real scars, inside and out.

Wendy Robertson has written many popular and well-reviewed novels for adults and children and a memoir of her writing life, The Romancer. For five years from 1999 she was writer-in residence in a woman’s prison. Now, as well as writing a novel each year, she writes a popular writer’s blog

Wendy  says of Paulie’s Web. ‘It has taken me some years to digest the extremities of my experience in prison and to write my novel as true fiction in a way that pays tribute to the women I met while working there. If, by the by, Paulie’s Web goes some way to cracking the absurd stereotypes of women in prison this will be an extra delight.  While there are dark elements in the novel I make no apologies for its ultimately optimistic tone which is a true reflection of the humour, stoicism and kindness that I witnessed in my prison experience.’

Information or copies to review: Contact Bishop Auckland Town Hall 03000 269 524.
Or Email Wendy at

Also see Wendy’s blog at http//



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