Sunday, 7 July 2013

Postcard from Agde Last Day Blues

 From my notebook, written in the café the day  I came away:

Last day

Last morning sun hits the pavement     
glittering through plane trees

Last walk around the market,
dazzled by bright colour

Last laden market stall,
selling striped tablecloths

Last encounter with the Russian,
three euros for café crême

Last laden woman,
straw basket on each arm

Last child on bright bike,
racing round the fountain

Last walk down narrow streets,
making for the shady side

Last circle of old women
on plastic chairs, talking.

Last man with dog in basket,
pushed under the table

Last sight of two men kissing,
clasping hands in greeting

Last taste of peaches,
juice dripping down chin

Last loving touch, dressed up
in careful cuisine

Agde 2013


  1. Oh, Wendy, sad! But I hope you're leaving with your heart and mind full of the next book.

  2. Hi Kathleen. I am indeed sad. Bit my heart and mind is indeed tumbling over the next book. Still sad though... Wx

  3. So lovely and so many happy memories. I miss you and I miss Agde. Bisous Dx

  4. Bisous a toi aussi ma chere fille mx



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