Sunday, 6 May 2012

Paulie Smith Gets a New Cover!

On Amazon For You
One of the small pleasures of Kindling for yourself is the fact that you can design and develop your own covers and also your can if you wish, go back into the manuscript and improve things. When she downloaded my my kindled novel LIZZA, my eagle-eyed writing friend Avril spotted a dreaded typo on the second page and  - this being a Bank Holiday - once the new plants were planted in the garden, I went back into my manuscript, made the changes and there is LIZZA, even more perfect in my eyes especially with the new cover designed with me by my friend artist Fiona Naughton.

This crossover novel is A  Rights of Passage  story  framed in the strong characters of Lizza, her loose-living sister Ivy, their stern mother and their principled brother Bernard. It was very well received when it was first published in hardback and softback versions in 1980 and for years after.  Its message of self-belief, growth and survival is as relevant today as it has ever been.

She is selling well  - If you read LIZZA and enjoy it I would be very touched if you would take a moment to make a comment on Amazon. I am finding that getting the word out there is crucial to this process. Learning all the time!

On Amazon For You

Then my eye strayed down the Amazon column to PAULIE'S WEB,  So - it still being Bank Holiday -  I decided to brighten up her cover, because although this novel has some serious themes, Paulie and her  prison friends have bright optimistic, sometimes comic personalities, so I thought I would give her a brighter cover. It's nice to know that this novel is getting out there to  some appreciative readers. I think Paulie likes the new cover.  Gave me the thumbs up! I hope you give it the thumbs up too.

On Amazon by the end of the week.

And now this coming week I am about to put my novel CRUELTY GAMES on Kindle. Fiona has come up with a beautifully unique cover design. What do you think?  This is a strong story about a teacher and her pupil and savage events that have a profound impact on both their lives. It should be up by the end of the week and I will post more about it then. I suppose I should say Watch This Space...

My long time publisher Headline are putting books from my backlist on Kindle so it is all a glorious mixture for interested readers to enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed your Bank Holiday as much as I did...wx


  1. I really love the cover for the Cruelty Games, Wendy - and it's such good news about the publisher putting your back list on Kindle. HIgh time publishers realised the value of keeping their authors' work available!

  2. Love Fiona's cover for Cruelty Games - having read it some time ago I know how good it is and look forward to it being up there on Kindle!

  3. So pleased you both like the CRUELTY GAMES cover. I think Fiona's done a lovely job there. Full of feeling.. I'm looking forward to getting it onto Kindle. A new lease of life indeed for a story close to my heart. And yes, Kathleen I am pleased Headline are doing the back list. It's nice to see them up there. Your work is your life and it's nice to see it there, available for people still to enjoy. wxx



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