Monday, 11 April 2011

Ink pens and Umbilical Cables

Apr 11 11

by Wendy

It could have been the two consecutive days of sunshine. It could have been a desperate need to escape from dark moments when the novel-in-waiting couldn’t hustle its place between meetings about the Divan writer’s celebration, about the radio programme. about a new publishing venture. It could have been because of promised evaluatio[GetAttachment[1][2].jpg]ns for writers or the planning for this Wednesday’s launch of An Englishwoman in France 

Whatever it was, I simply couldn’t get on with my new novel. Now I have to tell you it’s my fine boast that I can usually do this among the sturm und drang of everyday life. I often tell new writers that the writing has to be the first thing you do, your prime project.

But the problem was that I’d actually resorted to thinking that, so save time, I could skip the hand- drafting and jump to working straight onto the machine. After all I wrote reams on the machine to service other aspects of my life. And I’d lost two ink-pens and the time to go and replace them was very fugitive.

So it was that my time to create was bundled up with all the other tasks (including blogging); tied by a kind of umbilical cable to the computer.

But my precious story – it seemed – was having none of that. She was sitting on the windowsill kicking her heels muttering, when-you’re-ready, when-you’re-ready.

Then one day my A4 drafting book fell off the table in the little study. I flicked through the pages and admired the inky flow of my own writing and the energy of those paragraphs before they were transcribed onto the computer.clip_image001

In a second, it seems,  I was in Ryman’s choosing a new ink-pen and a fresh bottle of ink. Then the sun came out and when I got home my story was sitting on the garden table ready to flow out of the bottle onto the page of the A4 book.  All that day and the next and the next… Whoosh!  Talk about the genie springing out of the bottle! Pure magic.


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  1. Dear Wendy
    It was a wonderfully inspiring and happy night at your book launch in Ponteland for "An Englishwoman in France." Started the book already. Love the characters, especially Tib. Don't know why but I keep thinking of the "unbearable lightness of being" when I read his sections, such a wonderful foil to the deeply troubled Stella. Can't wait to read more.

    In response to your blog, the happy happenstance of your trusty drafting book falling open at your feet and setting off an explosion in writing in you, has inspired me. I definitely needed something to get me beyond the writer's terrible black hole - the crafting and re-crafting of the already "perfect" first page of my novel.
    So, all set with my trusty "Lord of the Rings" biro, brought back from Hobbit land in New Zealand by my family, I am about to write...I hope!



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