Sunday, 27 March 2011

Launching An Englishwoman in France

GetAttachment[1]Please join me 7pm in Ponteland Library on Wednesday 13 April     to celebrate my new novel —                   An Englishwoman in France— the first of a three novels set in the Languedoc—an atmospheric and strange part of France which I love. Share with me some of the story and the novel’s secrets over a glass of wine. I look forward to seeing you

Copies will be available

… Wendyx

If you fancy joining me ring the library to confirm numbers   01661 823 594

(If you can’t get there the novel is available on Amazon  or you can obtain a copy from me at

…Stella is pretty relaxed about her gift of second sight, but . . . my partner Philip thinks I’m barmy. No, seriously, he thinks I’m mad! In fact I’m very normal – normal as any of us ever is. Me, I see the dead in the more ordinary way of things. I saw this woman standing behind the woman at the till in the Spar shop. She was very old and wore a red sari with gold edges. She was like smoke in the air . . .

Stella’s happy-go-lucky attitude to her gift screeches to a halt when Siri, her twelve-year-old daughter, is savagely murdered and Stella can find her daughter nowhere, in this world or the next. Then, in the old French town of Agde she meets Louis, a clever, mysterious man and a young boy who is always near him. These two lead her to a place and a time where her search for Siri takes on a new meaning.

From ‘The Romancer’, my book about the writing process:

Agde courtyardThis house is the inspiration, of course, for An Englishwoman in France. From the first time I saw it I had this weird feeling that I knew this place, that I’d been here before. And so the writing, the chapters, started to unfold in my head and find their way nto The Notebooks. I felt there had to be someone here who could see – even move through time into the layers of the old city. And so the astrologer Stella walks into the story, into this house, to regain her sanity after the insanity of the murder of her daughter. She drops through time to meet the boy who will eventually be martyred and become St Tibery, the patron saint of the mentally ill….’


  1. Wow congratulations Wendy.
    Sounds absolutely intriguing!

  2. Oh, Wendy, I'm going to be in Italy! But hopefully I can get one from you on Friday? Congratulations!

  3. Thank you Al. very kind. Did you get your copy of The Romancer in the end??

    Kathleen - so nice to be in Italy rather than the cold north. I'll have a copy for you on Friday.wx



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