Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Radio Gremlins!

As you know here, I am enjoying the work for The Writing Game, my community radio programme all about writing. It is hard work but good on all kinds of levels.* I’ve had good personal response and the people I work with from the station are so kind and clever.

But if you managed to get to hear Tuesday’s programme you will think I’m crazy.

I have to admit that I myself listened with increasing consternation. Gremlins were dancing around in the works. The very good reading by writer Geri Auton was cut altogether; the beginning was cut; the book sequence was cut so that one crucial title was missed. Adverts blasted into the centre of the programme and at one point screeching music from some other line intruded. I have to say I cringed. 

It honestly was a case of crossed wires and probably really nobody’s fault. However, James, the Programme Director is on the problem and he and I are going to re-edit the programme this week and it will go out next Tuesday at seven in its proper form. That version will be on the podcast. He tells me all the podcasts should be available, The previous programmes should be podcasted soon. I’ll let you know here when that happens.

Certainly my learning curve is climbing! Things can only get better from this.


For example, I had the enormous pleasure yesterday of recording a long interview with the extraordinary , iconoclastic Terry Deary, writer of the worldwide best sellers, The Horrible History series. He was talking about his new -  longer-  World War Two children’s novel. Put Out The Light. We have so much to learn from Terry about the Writing Game. This marvellous conversation will go out on The Writing Game the first Tuesday in September.


  1. As Programme Manager at Bishop FM, I would also like to apologise to listeners of The Writing Game for the 'gremlins' yesterday evening.

    As Wendy mentions, the programme will be broadcast on Tuesday, 10th August and that edition will be available to listen to again online.

    We are currently working on updating the podcasts for The Writing Game, and these should all be available within the next few days.

    If you would like to be informed by email when these become available, please do not hesitate to send an email to and we will keep you posted.

  2. It goes without saying that I share Wendy and James'consternation and I am so pleased that the programme will be going out again next week in its PROPER form.

    I would like to add my apologies to the writers involved who will have been hugely disappointed by the cuts and omissions.I have every confidence that James will resolve the problems as I know how committed he and the station are to The Writing Game


  3. What a shame, the gremlins must have driven you mad.

    I am pleased to hear the podcasts will finally be posted.
    I've been going blue from waiting with bated breath!



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