Saturday, 3 July 2010

The Sadness of Leaving.

Journey back tomorrow. I am sad. As regular visitors at Lifetwicetasted will know, I feel I have been here before and am writing my second novel springing from this place.

As well as my notebook I always have my little camera. I’m no great photographer but now my camera is my second notebook and continues to provide inspiration and sustenance in my other special place t- he moody, complex north of England. I thought I would stick my last images together for my friends – as a kind of handful of postcards from the edge, with no message.

Here , the medium is the message, perhaps:

Light and Shade

window M D'






Shades of Red  Pezenas

 Street Aesthetic

Joute boat in shadow


Always a feast for the eyes






 Last images 011








the blue blue sky

A bientot…


  1. delightful pix. What a lovely armchair voyage for a Saturday morning. Glad I stopped by :-)

  2. How beautiful Wendy. No wonder you are sad to be leaving. I always comfort myself that the place is still there to return to.

  3. What a wrench to leave such a wonderful place.
    You might be "no great photographer" but I think you have an artist's eye.

  4. By the way,
    I never managed to download the June episode of your radio show. It just never seemed to appear on the Bishop FM website.
    Probably being technically challenged.

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