Saturday, 24 April 2010

Thought You Might Like To See The Press Release …

Been working hard on this project for the last month so I thought you’d like to see -



The Writing Game

with Wendy Robertson

Bishop FM Community Radio

Author Wendy Robertson is embarking on an exciting new venture – a monthly, hour long, radio programme aimed at both writers and readers, and broadcast on community radio Bishop FM 105.9

Wendy’s programme will feature discussions and interviews about all aspects of the writing process which will be of interest to both aspiring and established writers and to readers. During the programme Wendy will give her informed take on the world of writing and its craft – The Writing Game. As well as this The Writing Game will feature conversation with authors of national standing and will act as a showcase for a wide range of new, unpublished writers.

Joining Wendy as regular contributors will be Avril Joy, Gillian and Glynn Wales presenting their Books of the Month selections, Theresa Robertson carrying the banner for children’s books,. and Debora Robertson who will have spot talking about quality food writing and journalism.

The first programme will go out on Tuesday May 4th at 7pm and after that will be available as a podcast to download from This first programme focuses on starting points in writing and features Avril Joy in her role of published author, and local writers Eileen Elgey and Hilary Smith.

Forthcoming programmes will feature conversations with:

· Crime writer Ann Cleeves, winner of the Duncan Lawrie Dagger Award

· Internationally acclaimed David Almond, winner of the 2010 Hans Christian Anderson Medal, the world’s most prestigious prize in children’s literature

‘Our intention is that the programme will celebrate and showcase the fact that the north east of England is an acknowledged hotbed of literary talent.’ Wendy Robertson

What do you think???



  1. Excellent press release! I'm intrigued.

  2. How exciting, Wendy. And a podcast! Just think, I will be able to listen on my iPod while I'm walking the dogs and then return inspired and ready to write.

  3. Pleased the press release worked for you Karen. Like you I believe books - and writing - can change lives. w

    My imagination is charged now, Boots, with the thought of you striding out with your dogs listening to my sometimes odd thoughts about writing. wx



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