Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Tracey Chevalier and Stories in Cloth

One of my favourite thought provoking blogs by Norman Geras led me today to a lovely clip from the V&A which has Tracey Chevalier talking about quilts, her own inspiration, and writing a commissioned story for the V&A based on one of the quilts. Reminds me of going to the Beamish Museum with my friend Avril Joy, to look at their fascinating quilt collection. Stories certainly leapt from the intricate fabric crafted by working women. Tracey Chevalier expresses this perfectly.

Click here to see and hear…+

If you are like me you will be inspired…wx


  1. Inspirational indeed!
    I find stories in anything and everything(almost), most are of course never written.


    Publish or Perish

  2. Hi Al
    They are all little embryos and some them grow to be strong young things and live on as fiction. That is the storyteller's dynamic and his or her delight.
    Always nice to see you here

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