Saturday 15 August 2009

Wild Postcards from The South Shore


scarborough 2 026

On the sea-bound temple-stagescarborough 2 015

children sing and dance for prizes 

and people sit in rows applauding.


Do they notice someone’s uncle

scarborough 2 025

hauling beach tents spades  and  buckets ?

Do they notice the tall, tattoo’d girl

shouldering  her orange surfboard?

   scarborough 2 023

Or two old sisters, arm in arm ,

dressed in fawn with wild blue hats,

who watch the  donkeys on the sand,

savouring the memory

of seaside childhood days ?


Or two black dogs, slick with sea water dogs

watching out and contemplating:

friendship, long beach walks

and coming First in Show?

Or the woman with green towels,                   

grey hair, purple top and wobbling breasts

dreaming of her butterfly scarborough 2 024 years.              

Or the plush rabbit

trying to escape

the straw basket of the  girl 

in the  moth-white dress.

Or the old woman sitting on her own

smiling as she taps her finger,

keeping time with the music

and talking to someone

who is not there.


scarborough 2 026





Wish you were here



  1. I certainly do wish I was there! It's tipping down with rain here and blowing a gale!!!!

  2. Sorry about the gale, kathleen. Still, I always say that bad experience is good copy for us writers. I would be expecting Heathcliff to emerge from the storm...

  3. A sunny week in what looks quintessentially English seaside - how lovely! But then I'm biased its what I grew up with and have still a special affection for. Hope you had a great time are refreshed and ready to go!


  4. It sounds like you are having a lovely time sitting back and taking in all the views - the water, the people around you - all of it! :)



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