Friday, 11 December 2015

A personal message about our free Forward Assist Workshops

Beginning Wednesday 13 January  Avril Joy and I are looking forward to leading a FREE six-week writing group in Durham City (Details below**) for the  veteran's charity Forward Assist*

All ex-forces personnel - men and women - are welcome to join us.  
Let us know if your are interested, Contact Neil:  
Phone: 0191 294 3539 Mob: 0783 469 9911 
Or Email:

A personal message from Avril and me 
about the workshop:


We believe we are all writers at heart. Perhaps you have a story you would like to tell, maybe you keep a diary, write letters and e mails, enjoy reading, or maybe none of these. Many of us have not written anything since school. Many of us are put off by worries about our spelling and grammar.
      We are not concerned about grammar or spelling, these are easily fixed. What we hope to do is inspire you to write in whatever shape or form your writing may take. We believe that writing has many rewards. It’s a source of great fun and pleasure and can be a positive force in our lives
   It is our aim to make the workshops fun, rewarding and a safe place in which to work and express ourselves. We will share tips and ideas with you to get you started. We will not necessarily focus on aspects of your war service, what you write about will be a matter of choice for you. We will begin by simply making lists and talking about keeping a notebook - both the list and the notebook are great tools for us writers. We will share our notebooks with you and talk about our work including poetry, the short story, how a novel is written and writing a blog. We will read the work of other writers and use this as inspiration for our own writing.
      If you’re interested in writing or simply curious and want to know more then why not join us on Wednesdays 4pm to 6.45pm, 13th January to 17th February  2016  at Clayport Library Durham, we’d love to see you there.
(Transport can be booked in advance if required. Check with Neil.)

* The Forward Assist Veteran Charity provides advice, information and guidance, 'life changing' projects and opportunities to former servicemen and women. See ... 

** Our workshop will be take place at Durham Clayport Library, Millennium Place, Durham City  over a 6-week period commencing Wednesday 13th January 2016, with the final session on Wednesday 17th February 2016.

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