Monday, 18 April 2016

Dee and Her Lists New Novel W.I.P


Demelza – called Dee, the thirteen year old heroine of my new novel, makes  images and lists as part of her strategy of dealing with the unreliability and blindness of the adults around her.

There is a lot of water in this novel. Dee likes water.

Beach with Tankers

Here she is:

                               Salt crystals                                                
 Surging sea
Arms plunging
Dog leapng
Far horizon
Big ship passing
Rearing rocks
Stone sea wall
Woman with wild hair 
Metal teeth glittering in the sun

Beach with dog 

White horses on the swelling  tide
Unicorns surging after 
Peeling paint on a gate
Scottish dagger with red hair   

Pool with Boat



© Dee Bellasis.

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