Monday, 31 August 2015

The Granduate: On a Very Special Relationship

Friends Now 

The girl on the couch, unwell
Are you expecting? I say.

The anticipated storm of temper

A slight smile from him. 
At least,  he says, I'll see him grow  
in my lifetime 

Through the years he drove the boy
to and fro from school, putting him
through his paces. 

He watched the boy catch the egg,
kick  a  rugby ball through high posts,
wield a mean cricket bat on the field. 

He saw the boy off in his father's car
laden with high hopes, books,
and essential technology. 

He imagines the boy -white-coated - 
working with 
phenomenally powerful magnets. 

And now, today, he sees him
in cap and gown, 
beard trimmed, hair clipped. 

The boy throws his cap into the sky
and has  very special smile
for his grandfather. 

July 2015

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