Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Poems Found on My Visit to the Oriental Museum in Durham City

Ancient Chinese bowl: a poem in clay

The Scribe

There is nothing better
than a book
There is no profession
without a boss
Except for the Scribe -
he’s the boss.
(Satire on The Trades. Middle Kingdom. Egypt)


I wish I had been born
in the year of the hare:
sensitive but haughty
This is how
I see myself

But I was born
in the year of the snake:
fun-loving but clingy
This, perhaps, is how
others see me.

The Silk Gown

She stands tall, straight backed,
engulfed in pale stiff silk  
all gleaming sea-green,
embroidered with butterflies
and flowers

They say butterflies symbolise beauty
 and romance, even though the
inside her sleeve  the embroidery 
is invisible to the naked eye
of the onlooker 
 ©Wendy Robertson 2015

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