Funny, writing about oneself …

Scatty and disorganised about most things except my writing and reading I drift through life in search of the next idea, the wonderful next story. I have been living this life for the last twenty years after a career in teaching up to degree level. I embraced teaching as a creative enterprise but was always a writer who happened to teach, publishing three books  while I was still working as well as some short stories and journalism. After that I surrendered to the writing goddess and published a range of novels and short stories as well as the occasional article. 

Oh, and I have a Master's Degree in Education. Some of those insights thread through the novels too, I suppose.

I have written spasmodically about my life in my short volume A Life In Short Pieces, and in The Romancer: A Writer’s Tale.

I'm fascinated by  creativity history, identity, imagination, equality and myth. Recently, on looking through my novels I realise that – although not with any conscious purpose – these themes seem to be threaded through my writing.

In the middle of my writing career I spent five years as Writer in Residence in a women’s prison. This was a life-changing experience for me - broadening my view, deepening my empathy and my understanding of the whole of society. One outcome of that experience was my novel Paulie’sWeb This, while fictional, tells some truths about the varied lives of many of the interesting and wise women I met in prison.

It’s a particular pleasure  to hear from readers in Britain and further afield that they enjoy my novels: that there is a connection between me and them.

People sometimes ask me which novels to start on.  Every one is different, (One very nice man simply got the chronological list from the library and worked his way through them …)

I would suggest a more random approach:

You could start with

·       Kitty Rainbow 
·       Long Journey Home

All my books are in your library, out in paperback and on Kindle.

From my Archive: 

Writing is the Sound of the Soul Breathing

Writing is the sound of the soul breathing-
it is measured, shapely, intended
every breath out predicates every breath in
each sentence brings forward another one
every word is a platform for the next jump in meaning

We breathe in lines, in paragraphs,
in pages in chapters, in volumes -
our life laid there in a trillion words -
a million separated, well formed

Writing is the notation of the quiet soul-
not blasted out by trumpets and clarinets -
dark smoke in the air, rising -
but the  words lie there, just
waiting for your eye

They lie there in ranks and lines
waiting for you to add your world
to my notation on the   page
creating a different world
new to your soul and mine –

Writing is the sound of the soul breathing

@ Wendy Robertson 2016

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